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All members shall have the rights to use the Society’s services and exercise the rights prescribed by the Act, the rules and by-laws, the members are entitled, but not limited to:-

  1. Every member shall have access to regular personal statements, which shall contain particulars of his membership, shares, and deposit and loan transactions with the society.
  2. Attend and participate in elections and General Meetings of the society. Irrespective of shareholding, each member shall have one vote.
  3. Be elected to organs of the society, subject to these by–laws.
  4. Enjoy the use of all the facilities and services of the society subject to the society’s by–laws.
  5. Share in surpluses.
  6. All legitimate information relating to the Society, including, internal regulations, registers, minutes of general meetings and supervisory committee’s reports, annual accounts, inventories and investigation reports, at the society’s registered office.
  7. All other rights as prescribed by the Cooperative Act and Rules.