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Membership into the society shall consist of:-

  1. Original members who signed the application for registration
  2. New members subsequently admitted in accordance with these by-laws and whose names are entered in the register of members.

The following individuals who have fulfilled the membership conditions in accordance with these by-laws shall be eligible for membership:

  1. Original members who signed the application for registration provided that they comply with these by-laws;
  2. Employees of:
    1. World Vision International and its subsidiaries
    2. Vision Fund International and its subsidiaries
    3. Non-Governmental Organizations (local and International)
    4. Vision SACCO Society Limited and all its projects and subsidiaries
  3. A past member subject to approval by the management committee
  4. Corporate members who subscribe to these by laws and subject to the approval of the management committee and ratification at the next general meeting.
  5. Employees of registered, stable and reputable organizations provided in the membership policy and approved by the management committee.
  6. Spouses and children of members.
  7. Any person who may show interest of becoming a member and upon approval by the Management


A person who possesses either or all of the following shall qualify for membership:-

  1. Is within the field of membership.
  2. Has attained the age of 18 years.
  3. Is of good character and sound mind
  4. Pays the entrance fee and share capital as prescribed in these by-laws.
  5. He is a resident within the Society’s area of operation.
  6. He is an employee of the Society.
  7. Provided that no member shall belong to more than one Sacco society having similar objects.
  8. Spouses and children of members and any other person who seeks membership intyo the society shall be introduced by existing member.