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  1. The primary mode is Mutual Guarantee. If approved by the Annual General Meeting upon a recommendation by the Management Committee, the Credit Committee may consider collateral Security; such collateral securities as specified must be charged to the Society until completion of the loan.
  2. Any loan more than three months overdue will be considered a non-performing loan and the recovery measures shall commence.
  3. The Committee may decline to accept a member who has a loan from the Society as a guarantor to a loan applicant. The Committee may also decline to grant a loan to a member who is liable as a guarantor to a borrower with an outstanding loan.
  4. The Credit Committee shall refuse to accept as a guarantor a person who is himself/herself delinquent in respect of his/her loan;
  5. No Executive Officer or Member of the Management Committee or any sub-committee shall act as an endorser or guarantor for borrowers from the society.

The following schedule shall be applicable when guaranteeing loans.

Loan Amount Taken (Ksh.) Number of Guarantors
0 - 500,000.00 3
500,001.00 – 1,000,000.00 5
1,000,001.00 and above Minimum of 7 Guarantors or such number of Guarantors as would be sufficient to Guarantee the loan taken.